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Release: Retail January 28th 2015
Platforms: PCMacXBox 360Playstation 3Playstation 4XboxOne Steam OS
Players: 1
Developer: Reality Pump Studios
Publisher: TopWare Interactive
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Raven's Cry

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Game Info

Torn from his family as a boy, Christopher Raven is trapped between haunting memories of his past and a meaningless future. When new information leads Christopher to believe his family’s killers are still alive, he sharpens his hook and sets out on a grisly quest for revenge.
Fleeing from the famines of Europe, young Christopher and his family sailed to the brave new world, looking for a fresh start. But old grudges and new dangers await them in the shining tropical paradise, and a sudden outburst of violence takes both Christopher’s family and his left hand in one blood soaked afternoon. The brutality of that day sticks with him, slowly driving him mad as he dreams of bathing in the blood of the men who killed his kin. Christopher is a man without a family, a purpose, or a future.


Raven’s Cry is a dark RPG-adventure that will challenge the image of pirates in popular culture. Game events are seamlessly interwoven with historical ones to create an authentic, thrilling narrative. The game begins when Christopher Raven embarks on his vengeful quest to track down and kill the men who murdered his family.

Raven’s Cry thoroughly immerses players in a lavishly detailed world rich with treachery and adventure. The sinister beauty of the 18th Century Caribbean is revealed in the rolling emerald waves and their secrets, kept far beneath; in the dark alleys and curved, cobbled roads, all teeming with murderous miscreants and loudly drunken braves, the prophets of the bottle, the blade, and the flintlock gun. The historically accurate architecture and in-game events will flavor the three major cities found in Raven’s Cry with the atmosphere players crave, as they traverse from the unsavory pirate holdfast of Port Royal to the elegant avenues of luscious Havana, to a lost Aztec City deep in the jungles of the Spanish Main.

An open Caribbean world featuring a robust storyline as well as dozens of side quests and secrets waiting to be explored 
Countless activities to take up, from smuggling and looting to bounty hunting and searching for lost treasures 
Morally ambiguous decisions have an influence on the storyline, creating a unique gaming experience each time you play 
Psychological elements based on actions taken by the player influence enemies’ behavior and combat styles 
Complex land-based and sea-based skill trees are affected by Christopher’s notoriety level
Unlock raven skills to give your winged companion something better to do than just fly around, allowing him to take an active role in your adventure
A challenging combat system based on classic hack‘n’slash action combined with free-flowing tactics including blocks, counters, parries, and brutal finishing moves using the unique hook 
Detailed and historically accurate weapons and ships bring the 18th century Caribbean to life 

Your fighting abilities are directly affected by the environment – a wet pistol may not fire, and muddy swamps will slow down your offensive and defensive actions 

Intense sea battles complete with a wide range of ships and multiple ammunition types replicate the savagery of historic naval engagements
Different controlling factions throughout the Caribbean will behave differently depending on which flag you fly – and on your own notoriety 
Whispers and rumors – the right information can be more precious than gold. Keep your ear to the ground and learn hints about lost treasures and information about your enemies 
An extensive trade system – knowing the best place to sell coffee, chocolate, and cannabis will give you a maximum return on your cargo
Detailed and realistic locations in both the Caribbean and South America