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출시 12-2011
플랫폼 PCMacXBox 360Playstation 3
플레이어 1-8
개발자 Reality Pump
발행자 TopWare Interactive AG
추가 정보:


Partial Nudity
Sexual Themes
Strong language


Strong language

시스템 요구사항

Intel or AMD Single-Core Prozessor (2.0 GHz) • 1 GB RAM (2 GB for Windows Vista and 7) • Radeon HD, Geforce 8800GT (Shader 3.0 and 512 MB RAM) • DirectX 9.0c or OpenGL sound card • 8 GB free HD-space • DVD-Rom • Windows Vista / 7, Mac: Snow Leopard • Mouse, Keyboard • Internet connection •
Intel or AMD Multi-Core CPU • 4 GB RAM • Radeon HD 2900, Geforce 8800 GTX • DirectX 9.0c oder OpenGL, 5.1 sound card • 9 GB free HD-space • DVD-Rom • Windows Vista / 7, Mac: Snow Leopard • Mouse, Keyboard • T1/T2 Internet connection for Multiplayer •


Two Worlds II: Velvet Game of the Year Edition

공식 사이트 방문
게임 정보

Trust might be said to be the rarest currency in Antaloor…
Includes the RPG saga TWO WORLDS II and it’s expansion: Experience an epic story about the lust for power, doubtable alliances and the mysterious Dragon Queen.
In the expansion PIRATES of the FLYING FORTRESS you hoist the sails to beautiful new environments and let yourself been drawn into the maelstrom of adventure far away from the mainland.


The TWO WORLDS II VELVET GotY EDITION is a perfect blend of classic and innovated RPG features, atmosphere, and technology. A complex quest system and an exciting main story draw you into the world of Antaloor, made richer by secondary quest scenarios. Rich gameplay and engaging atmosphere propel the story and captures attention, promising danger and exploration throughout the many quests and video sequences.

The strictly limited Two Worlds II: Velvet GotY Edition not only comes bundled with the sought after expansion Pirates of the Flying Fortress, but is also uniquely designed in a limited collector’s box which is wrapped in black velvet (PC/Mac) or red velvet (console versions) and highlighted with metal corners made to look like antique brass.

Moreover, there is a bold relief TWII logo of the same real metal at the top of the box. Along with the multi-lingual version of TWII, this collector’s item also comes with all of the up-to- date upgrades. Additional extras include a huge double-sided world map and a valuable pirate head pin collectable, which subsequently is also available in-game! This exclusive item actually boosts the player’s parameters if hefted to armor! Together with another bonus disc containing artwork, wallpaper, videos, an extended soundtrack and two additional PvP multiplayer maps. More Antaloor simply isn’t possible!

  • Captivating story, amusing side quests, crucial player choices and alternative endings in an open fantasy world.
  • Thanks to the innovative GRACE engine, experience a technical revolution and an atmospheric rich gaming universe.
  • DEMONS magic system and innovative CRAFT tool, giving players the ability to upgrade weapons, allow infinite hours of entertaining gameplay.
  • Various fractions scheming against each other, unique boss enemies and various races make Antaloor a thrilling and dangerous place to be
  • Massive Multiplayer: Fight in exciting PvP duels in arena mode or solve thrilling quest lines together with your friends.