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主頁 • 遊戲 • Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars •


推出日期 Out now!
平台 Wii
類型 動作
玩家人數 1
開發 Red Fly Studio
發行 SouthPeak Games


Animated Blood
Mild Fantasy Violence




N/A •
N/A •


Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars

Time has passed since the 'Rise of the Fungi' and indeed the Amanita and Lepiota societies have brought war to the peaceful Bolete and Morel mushroom tribes. Some among the MUSHROOM MEN believe that the secret to winning the Spore Wars lies in uncovering the facts about the Mushroom's origins. As the Myth states, the mushroom who discovers the truth of their origins is promised the power to change the entire course of evolution, putting the mushroom species at the top of the evolutionary ladder. The tribe that claims this prize can reshape the world any way they see fit. The Amanitas and the Leopiota see the myth as a chance to not only defeat other nations, but also to wipe out all their enemies and put their tribes at the forefront of terrestrial evolution.
  • Unique action platformer for the core gamer while approachable enough for the casual audience
  • Players explore and battle their way through more than 10 lush and spooky levels in an oversized and hostile world
  • Play as the heroic Bolete misfit Pax through his battles in the Spore Wars
  • Take on the fast paced single‐player adventure or bring a friend in Super Mario Galaxy style Cooperative mode
  • Spore‐based powers take advantage of unique Wii controls while deep Scav system allows players to construct weapons out of everyday materials found in the game