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Are you superstitious? Do you avoid ladders leaning against a wall and have a little crisis when a black cat crosses your path from right to left, or is it the other way around?
Yes? So what!
Today is Friday the 13th of June and as we are all sweltering in the office, here is the news.

There seems to be a great hunger in Hungary. It is not a hunger that can be cured with the famous salamis or various versions of Goulash. This is a hunger for PC games.
Dynamic Hungary will soon be serving up a delicious package of games for a starving nation. On the menu they have a nice little Heli Heroes for starters, followed by Chicken Shoot and KnightShift all presented with a full localization to wash it down with.
In almost all nations where Chicken Shoot has been released supplies of our shooter are sold out and are being pressed again.
Production of the German version of KnightShift begins in the next two weeks in the studio and we will be racing to meet the release date.

Asking the Boss here for news is almost impossible as he spends most of his time in negotiations with potential publishers for my favorite project. This is in itself good news as interest for KnightShift is high and becoming higher as the silly season approaches.

So, ladies and Gentlemen, that is all you are getting this week because it so hot here my fingers keep slipping of this sweaty keyboard.

The weekend is upon us. Have a good one! !