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Yawn!.. Loads of boring stuff happened this week in the office. That is boring for the readers of this "The most read news page out of Worms, Germany", so I won't bother anybody with that. What I would like to bring to your attention are the three links below.

Two more very discerning people have had a look at press previews for KnightShift and Mr. Aaron Hall from Video Game News gives our Shooter Chicken Shoot the "thumbs up". Please follow the link for a great commentary.

Here is a quotation from some one who seems to know what he is talking about in the field of games.

"KnightShift feels really great and it's a really damn challenging and addictive game" Have a look at Game Guru for more compliments about our baby, due to be born soon.

Steve Butts from IGN has been so busy playing KnightShift that he has only written 762 words in his report so far, but does promise on the website to give us more.

Just a quick word about our work; A trailer for KnightShift should, and might or might not be finished by this time next week. Confused? Well, join the club!

I shall sign off now with a request to you, dear readers.

I am looking for any jokes, or witticisms and quips concerning games, computers, operating systems etc. New or old I don't care. If you have some material send me a mail please.