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Here is a piece of news to tell the world about.

Our Info Iris is celebrating her birthday on Saturday! We at ZUXXEZ wish her a very Happy Birthday and are looking forward to helping her celebrate. One does not mention a lady's age, but hey, Iris! 1973 was a great year.

Chicken Shoot. It came to my attention this morning that some long time fans and players of our competition in Germany are wandering over to Chicken Shoot. Ladies and gentlemen, we bid you very welcome. I also heard that there are not enough online competitors for some players. Solution; Fans, get online! The more the merrier. It's the people that make the party! And now I am running out of clichés. Or are you shy? Or do you not have enough confidence in your shooting skills? Solution; get online and play, a little real competition will sharpen your reactions and send your score to the top. Go for it!

We have a bar in the office. The bar is in the largest room and has a very long oval table by the window where the sun can flood in and keep us all nice and warm. This room is of course the place where we meet to have lunch, make presentations to our guests and play with Bruce who is turning out to be a Pilous Mephitis in the pre coming out phase. This room that doesn't really have a name has become the trailer production headquarters.
Oh, by the way the trailer is not finished. But it still has priority and is being made in true KnightShift style. I'll call this room The Bar. It is now covered in papers, all part of the storyboard and is going through the same sort of growth phase, as everything else to do with our pet project does. A very practical use for this room, or what would you do with a well stocked bar?

Thanks to Chip from FOC for the funnies. You were the only reader who answered my request. Thanks, My hero!

Enjoy the coming weekend,
I will.