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This is the voice of Zuxxez Entertainment telling the world that we have so much news this week and not much of it will reach this page on this 11th of July 2003. Why you may ask? I did.
It is like this. There have been a great many meetings and discussions with a great many people, important, prominent, renowned, and not so……….blah!
These activities have of course brought some results, the details of which must remain confidential by request of All Concerned and company. So now that I have managed to write about the first subject without telling anybody anything. Here is the second:
KnightShift: you may of read something in the press, or on one or two of the better websites that we have this project "KnightShift". And you may of read or heard that we have now reached the Beta 6 stadium with the English version.
This means one thing especially. We, Zuxxez, need Beta testers!
And we would like to throw it open to you our readers and the great many gaming fans out there in the non-virtual world.If you would like to take part as a tester for KnightShift, as of now, immediately and very much online we have a special website for the purpose of Beta tester applications.
If you are a mad, axe-wielding employee of the competition or your PC is no faster than an abacus, please do not bother to apply. If you are a mad axe-wielding person who has nothing to do with any game producer, then your chances are better, so follow the link
We are looking forward to hearing from you as soon as poss. Applications will take about ten days to process. So hang in there!
One or two people wrote to me to complain that there was no news last Friday. They are quite right there was no news last Friday! Reasons for this are various and complex, but I'll just tell you that I am a poor, overworked localization man who is losing the plot. Say, "Aaah" Thank you, that's enough! New screen shots
On there are new screen shots showing the all new Crystal Picturetm Interface and mystic night action.

Just coming in now, as I want to close down and lie in the sun.
And it is official!
One of the things I could not tell you about earlier, I may now boast about. In Germany, the highly respected, important, prominent and renowned Koch Media has finalized contracts for the sales rights to KnightShift in German speaking Europe for its game label "DeepSilver" An extremely good move gentlemen! The weekend is creeping up on us and again and I shall be running as far away from any computer as I can, to ensure a good one.
May your celestial and divine beings smile upon you and ensure a good weekend for you too!