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This is it. This is serious!

This is Friday and welcome to the most serious news page in sunny Europe. News is once again in short supply, as the holiday season starts to make an impression at ZUXXEZ Entertainment. Uwe Producer is probably stretching and sunning his work weary bones in a forest, east of Berlin and is well away from the trials and tribulations and the moments of glory the games production industry experiences. I say moments of glory, because after having told you about the Beta Testing stuff we have been overwhelmed with applicants.

The following is the transcript of a conversation with Roman.
'Mornin' Roman!
Can yer tell me 'ow many beta test applications 'ave come in?
Moyer Tim!
Dor zind dry dausend, zwo hoonnerd zeebzai bevairboonger.
Ah ha ! I understand. So, it' a lot is it?
Ah yor !
Can yer ..erm, .. write that down fer me?
And here is a rough translation: 3217 have come in so far.

This result shows me how many people feel they are qualified to test our baby, KnightShift, and how much interest there is. A motivating little moment of glory as we go full throttle into the German version and spend more time in a studio and in front of computers than anywhere else. Bringing me quickly back to thoughts of a holiday. But, "there is no rest for the wicked" or so they say. And we must have been bad, very bad, 'cos it just doesn't let up.

KnightShift.Com now available in German. Go to and click on your language. You have a choice of two! ;)