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My Return
The good news is that we are back. The second bit of news is that if you haven't had a look at this page for three weeks or so, you haven't missed anything 'cause no one was here to post it on the web.
While looking for a scapegoat to put the blame onto, I came up with, once again, the holiday season here in sunny, arid Europe and the efforts going into getting KnightShift finished.

But there was a little something. Oh yes!
The Newest from Zuxxez Entertainment
As the Games Convention is on top of us, the timing could not be better for Zuxxez to make their multi announcement
The launch of KnightShift in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be supported by a marketing budget of 500.000 Euro to help put this extraordinary RTS/RPG hybrid onto as many PC's as possible in all its unique glory. But that is not all, KnightShift is also to appear in the Czech Republic and Slovakia under full localization and published by HYPE.
Dynamic HU are to release KS in a land hungry for top titles and in England, Virtual Programming have agreed with Reality Pump Studios and Zuxxez to make KnightShift available for Mac users

See KnightShift at the Games Convention in Leipzig in hall 3 Stand D02 (Deep Silver).
Was anyone already at the GC? Write to me with your impressions, ideas and perhaps a story or two of all the annoying bits of crap.

Outside of Europe the big news is that ATARI have agreed to go public with KnightShift in North America and Canada very soon, which means for us re-lacing the running shoes and giving up the weekend to the bl…. Computer.

Enjoy yours and come back for more.