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The absence of Friday's News since the 22nd August can be fully explained in a document the size of the bible, so here is the short version.

All studio work for KnightShift has been completed.

And it has been along hot summer in and out of the studio. Outside it was very hot every day with temperatures similar to those in the Sahara and any one with any sense was out enjoying it.
Some of those without any sense spent a lot of time moaning about the heat and how they wished it was pissing down. And one or two never knew if it was night or day as speakers came and went, and the days and the weeks. And summer!

I would once again like to thank all the speakers not only for their hard work, but also for a very entertaining and amusing season. And of course the fun we had in the studios is reflected in the recordings.

On the German side there is a bit of quarrel about some test report on KnightShift by a well-known gaming magazine, this quarrel continues with a lot of backwards and forwards of points of view and arguments. What is true in this, is that the afore mentioned gamer mag has made an immense cock up, but what is worse is that it cannot be publicly admitted and an apology made. Not an apology to us, an apology to the readers of this rag who have been misinformed about a new game soon to be released. As a gaming fan and customer of this most popular magazine I would not be happy learn that what I read is not worth the paper it is written on. Please read on, this is not just another attack on the press from a production company that feels it and its products have been maltreated, but an attempt to show the situation a little more clearly. And we are also not entirely innocent in this. Reactions came thick and fast and not always very well thought out. This has now all escalated in the forums of course and there is even more crap circulating none of which resembles any part of the truth. Doesn't it make you sick? The situation now is no more than a clash of egos. Bad for us and bad for Game****. Worse for their readers.

Right that's that really for this edition of Friday's News and as I want to sign I have realised that there was something else to tell you.

KnightShift, the German version is due to be released on the 29th of September.
And there is no fixed date yet for the full English version. Patience please, readers of this page will be the first to know when. Serious negotiations are being concluded for KnightShift in the Benelux countries and there are ideas pure for the rest of the world!

The weekend is gnawing at my heels and I shall be doing my best to reduce my acute sleep deficiency, so I wish you all a good one too.