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Off My Desk And Into The Shops

For all those people not grieving the fact that Friday's News has not appeared for a few Fridays. Tough luck, we are back! And what a week to return on too! I mean, last week KnightShift hit the shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and a whole pile of reports have been coming out of the press. A very well known German publication- Computer Bild Spiele- has given KnightShift the highest test result of the year.
They said "Sehr Gut" which is German for very good and the 1.47 from their evaluation is better.

Another German gaming website says, and I am translating, "KnightShift is at the moment the perfect game, for role players as well as strategists" and gave out baby a 94% total score

A six-page review from has to be read. It is in English so please have a look yourselves. 86% is also not to be sniffed at.

Two Polish sites: and say lots of great things in Polish of course, which I won't translate because the two 90% evaluations speak for themselves and my Polish is good enough to order a beer and that is all.

While we are on the subject of KS here is a bit of news that I cannot leave out. Word of KnightShift is moving south and that means Portugal and Spain can expect KS in the shops some time in November and Atari have secured the rights for the Benelux countries back up north.

One thing more before I move on to the other bits and pieces I have to complete before I go on holiday, PC Spiele Magazine in Germany really liked the spoken dialogues and voice acting and have praised it highly, others are not quite so sure. This is all a matter of taste and I shall not attempt to comment on this because taste is also a matter of taste.

So I quote
"A story should be taken with a grain of salt. Salt improves the flavour…. And a little pepper doesn't hurt, either"
The Ba'al Shem of Ludlow, Table-Talk, 1768

Enjoy the rest of the week and I shall not be thinking of you over the next three weeks of my absence.