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Err... hello I'm ermmm... waiting for the news!

While thousands of masters for all sorts of games are being reproduced, tested and sent around the world, so that even more people can sit safe and warm at home, in front of a PC and play loads of great titles, I have the task of playing my part in getting our current title ready for publishing. My part at the moment is to write the handbook, which is fine. I don't mind writing, but the frustrating part about it is that it takes so bloody long! And it's the boss's fault.
Very soon I expect to the hear the question from above - no not the Gods- how much longer do you need for the Handbook? The answer is not easy because:
Our current game The I Of The Dragon is so good, that while writing and checking functions and their description in the game I have to play. Weak as I am, and as addictive as this game is I check the functions, make my notes and continue playing and playing. Great! Flying around an excellent 3D landscape, in the form of a fire-breathing dragon, shooting the living daylights out of horrible flying, creeping, running monsters and saving the world. The point is that this game is so addictive and makes for so many hours of compulsive gaming that I just don't get around to writing very much. But the handbooks will be finished on time for the release date, which in Germany is the 10th of March this year and the English will follow shortly afterwards. The I Of The Dragon website in English is now online, so if you want a little taste of what is to come click on the link.
Sometime the winter will get bored and go away!
That will, of course make way for spring when loads of people can all sit in front of a PC at an open window and play our new title.

Earth Synergy: here is a little treat for all fans of the Earth series. As of next week, we release a totally free update to download for of Earth 2150: The Moon Project and Earth 2150: Lost Souls. This update, version2.0, was developed in cooperation with and is completely rebalanced. There should be enough new gaming and multiplayer fun available to all fans of this series to keep them happy until we can bring you something new on Earth 2160. The update will allow you to play both games on the Earthnet Server irrespective of which title you have. Both titles are now compatible with each other, which means you Lost Souls can compete against the Moonies in the same game

It is once again Friday, which means for most of you a weekend of very serious gaming while I spend my time getting the new flat ready for me to move into and it might happen as long as I leave the PC off and don't start playing The I Of The Dragon
Have a good one.