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The Seasonal Slaughter

Chocolate eggs or chocolate rabbits are not all that we have to look forward to this coming weekend!
All the calories and nourishment for your nerves that you will need to sit in front of the PC for the next four days and get fat because….. The ChickenShoot Easter Edition is now online for you to download! It will cost you exactly nothing, but a few minutes in the net. Play the one level that only a few diligent and addicted Chicken Shoot fans have seen. This was once the bonus level and now you no longer have to crack the secrets of the game to get into the chicken house where the action happens. The task is to shoot as fast as you can against fast laying hens and the low-tech, but highly amusing collection machinery. Shoot fast and make the thermometer blow and then shoot faster to blow away the Easter Blues.
Download now at

And Earth 2160 is becoming a hot topic as we are bombarded with questions about release dates, units, races, previews and screen shots. Sorry, but I do not have the answers for you. But the bosses and the Adrenaline Vault do. All over the Easter Weekend at Alexandra Constandache, our CEO, and Dirk P. Hassinger, the sales and marketing man and producer and our favourite slave driver , will be on the Adrenaline Vault forum together with Mirek Dymek, the technical director of Reality Pump, chatting and answering all of your Q's on this coming hammer of a game. Don't miss the four new screen shots from Earth 2160 on this website.

At this point I would like to wish you a very Happy Easter break and if the Easter bunny does not leave any goodies lying around for you, it could be because I hit him at 100 MPH this morning on the Autobahn! Ooops.