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Hey! Get this!

Since we last had a Friday update a few things have happened here and around the world and I am not speaking about “The Who is Killing Who Show”

I am of course referring to the next long and anxiously awaited hammer of a game from Reality Pump and our good selves. Earth 2160 is coming, that much you know. Here is the new stuff: DeepSilver, the games label of Koch Media, have secured the European publishing rights to Earth2160.Because our friends are so happy about this fact and feel so honoured about having their name on the 2160 box they have decided to give this RTS milestone its first public airing at the Games Convention in Leipzig from the 19th to the 22nd of August this year. “What is the Games Convention?” I hear some ask. Here is the answer and it is worth remembering: the Games Convention is probably the most important trade-fair for the international electronic entertainment industry in Europe. So now you know, and if you want more have a look at site is available in German and English, just click your choice in the top right of the opening page.

Here is more!
The latest exciting screen shot update of Earth 2160 can be found at complete with all the latest news on features and technology.

Just to change the subject
Our last release, also with the co-operation of Deep Silver, (So what subject are we changing?—The game ) “The I of the Dragon” has got some pretty hot reviews in Germany. If you can read German, English, Czech, or Spanish, click on the Reviews list on the left of the screen, opposite the ugly, half bald bloke, on the right.

More coming soon about “Fulcrum Europe.” A sequel to “WW2 Frontline Attack” aka “Panzer Claws”. But what I can tell you now is that the Gents from “FoC” are doing a brilliant job and Fulcrum Europe looks great. There is a debate going on here about the abbreviation FoC and what it could mean.
Freaks on Computers, or Forces of Chaos?

Chip, SpaceTug! Which is it? Both? :-}