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Zuxxez in Leipzig

Once again, after a long break here is some really hot news from ZUXXEZ ENTERTAINMENT. There are of course no excuses for the absence of updates in the recent past, but also no apologies:-)
From the 19th to 22nd August the Games Convention in Leipzig will be taking place. Do I hear a question? What is the Games Convention? It is only the biggest and most important trade fair in Europe for the electronic entertainment industry and we, ZUXXEZ, will be present promoting and showing the world what we have in store for you.

This week in Leipzig ZUXXEZ ENTERTAINMENT are showcasing Earth 2160 and showing off the biggest eye-catcher of the exhibition. If you are planning to visit the Games Convention, you will not miss this thing because it is about the size of a truck and looks like a spaceship, which is what it is, or should I say a full-sized replica of an ED troop transporter complete with an on-board cinema and fully equipped to take you to the stars. You will find it in the glass hall B03/B04.
For more of Earth 2160 come and visit us at our stand in Hall 3 C12 where you can have a preview and play the next episode in the Earth story.

If you cannot make it to the Games Convention this year and still want to see what an ED troop transporter looks like, then please click the link to InsideEarth for dimensions and more.

Also appearing in Leipzig for the first time is KnightShift 2: Curse of Souls in Hall 3 C18

Another crazy story to follow the last! With the full emphasis on RPG, Curse of Souls throws you into a situation where you are the hero that nobody called for, but are still destined to save the world no matter the cost or the effort.
I shall be at the GC drinking coffee and rubbing shoulders with the bigwigs of the games industry in Europe and taking a lot of diggi photos for this page later. I hope to see some of you there for a VIP flight into the future.