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Return of Friday’s News

Once again after a longer break than the last, we are back with the latest and greatest news page ever to insult the web.
As always, there are no excuses or reasons published here to explain the absence of new stuff from Zuxxez the Game Makers. But if anyone would like to blame me, then go ahead.

To business: the Earth 2160 trailer shown at the Games Convention in Leipzig is now available at our all new all Earth website for download. This has been true since Friday 1st of October as a lot of hardcore Earth fans are aware, judging by the amount of traffic that went over our servers at the weekend. The reaction in Leipzig to this huge project was amazing and is being awaited by literally thousands of people worldwide. I have seen and played the first Alpha version, complete with a few little Alpha bugs and I can say that there has been no RTS ever to match the quality of Earth 2160. Work is in progress now round the clock at Reality Pump and Zuxxez and we will soon have a few more goodies exclusively for you.

Kings of the Dark Age: this project from Cateia Games has been mentioned before, and is getting another little plug right now. This project has grown since I saw the first Beta version many months ago and has developed into a very fine turn based strategy game. Set in 930 AD it will take the player into a diplomatic, strategic and combat laden tour of middle age Europe as the Vikings were still worrying the Scots, other Norsemen were making an impression into French culture and the fair maidens of the Holy Roman Empire were being carted off as breeding stock to somewhere north of Denmark. The projected release date for Kings of the Dark Age is the end of the month and there is still a hell of a lot to do. Wish us a lot of luck please, in getting it out on time.

More news coming very soon about our dealings with the “Freaks on Computers”. Sorry, “Forces of Chaos” and a really amusing and insane race game for single and multiplayer.

Before I go, Regards to all the fans of our projects who I met in Leipzig, and I must have spoken to hundreds of them. Also to all the representatives of Deep Silver and Koch Media who helped make our stay there highly amusing, productive and thoroughly worthwhile.