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That time of year again! Already?
Do you ever get the feeling that the calendar and your electronic timekeeper are secretly on amphetamines and are taking a quick sniff when you’re not looking? What I mean is, it only seems like yesterday that I was being disrespectful about the Easter Bunny and “BANG!” the next orgiastic buying spree is upon us. This is the time of year where the entire commercial world is telling you to dig deeper into your pockets than ever before, to face the crowds and the crap weather and look for the fitting gifts for all the loved ones. And yes! You will probably receive another lovely pair of super warm hand knitted socks from Aunt Mable and a bottle of aftershave that smells like wet, alcoholised dog from another well meaning relation, quite old and three times removed. If you are getting the impression that this celebrationary season is not my favourite, I shall clear the question later.
But now the time is still running and here is the news from Zuxxez Entertainment:

Remember Jagged Alliance? There is more! Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire is coming soon.
Zuxxez is to produce and publish a totally revamped past blockbuster developed by I-Deal games who have added more features than you can count on your own digits. The graphics engine has been tweaked, bitten and kicked into bringing a highly improved resolution and the gameplay will have you picking up your bottom jaw. This will be a huge package of exciting realism and hours of varying and challenging tactics for all of the PC action junkies among you. For more details see our press releases. The link is on your left.

This time of year often brings geese, turkeys and a lot of other bits of delicious animal and high calorie stuff to tables all over the world. We bring you, fresh from the developers - Geleos - in Moscow, the Ostrich Runner/Turbo Strauß Winter Demo: A meaty 40MB down load from hosts and internet provider T-Online who are also offering the full ESD version. Follow the link for more A seasonal slide through the snow. The down load is in German but there is nothing to translate as the feathers fly and you race through the snow with nothing better to do than save the world.

Earth 2160
This next bit is mixed, good and not so, for some. The release of Zuxxez’s biggest new baby is to be postponed. Boo Hoo! I promise, this is for own good. As far as the quality is concerned of the more than fantastic graphics is concerned, there is still a lot to do and after speaking to Mirek Dymek, project leader of Reality Pump I can now quote him as he stood there with an obstinate look on his face and his arm crossed stubbornly across his chest. And he said in his charming accent “The game is done when it is done. There is no way on Earth, or off of it that we are going to follow the annoying trend of releasing a half finished game on the fan community and public.” He is quite right! Who wants to explain to the enemy that you will blow them off the face of Mars as soon as the patch is ready?

What I don’t like about this season is that what with all the advertising and pressure to by a lot of stuff that no one really needs is that the whole point of the celebration has been forgotten.
And the point is: all those lovely long, boring public holidays to sit in front of your PC and play, play, play!
All the fans and gamers out there, have a good one and a Happy New Gaming Year!