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This is ZUXXEZ ENTERTAINMENT wishing all gamers and fans a very happy start to the New Year.
Although my crystal ball does not have the same amount of pixels as a standard PC monitor and the visions I have while gazing into its depths are somewhat dim, this is what I have seen: as the month of January progresses, Kings of the Dark Age goes to the studio and all work will be completed by 31st of the month. This turn based game from Cateia Games deals with war and intrigue, diplomacy and Vikings in a time around 950 AD. While doing my bit on the production side I have discovered that this game is a very fine balance of looking after one's foreign affairs, dealing with that monster the Church, feeding my population, building an army and economy while constantly driving the Norse invaders from the homelands. If a good complex strategy game was missing in your Christmas stocking then Kings of the Dark Age will certainly compensate for all disappointments.

Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire is in the studio now!
Once again, more exciting strategy than in the average political corruption. JA2, as it is affectionately called is now receiving its final polish in the recording studios. If you played and enjoyed the first Jagged Alliance then Wildfire will give you a new perspective of strategy in action. With its vastly improved graphics and heavily armed mercenaries and it's exciting story line we will deliver to you a game really worth of a few "WOWS and CORRS!"

That, dear freaks of the gaming world, is what I can tell you for the beginning of the year. There is of course more, which still has its shrouds of secrecy, but all will be revealed in due course. I would like to thank all those who dropped me a line wishing us all the best for the New Year and every ZUXXEZ.