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主頁 • 公關資訊 • “Two Worlds” joins the GC opening concert •
“Two Worlds” joins the GC opening concert
+++ "FILMharmonic" orchestra plays soundtrack from Harold Faltermeyer +++
“Two Worlds” will make a grand entrance before the masses storm the exhibition halls in Leipzig. Academy Award winner, Harold Faltermeyer, who is composing the soundtrack for the role playing game, will give everyone a first glimpse of his brilliant masterpiece at the opening concert of the Games Convention on 23rd August. The musical will be conducted by Andy Brick and played by the Prag "FILMharmonic" orchestra in combination with a chorus.

TopWare Managing Director James Seaman: “This opening concert will be the musical highlight of the Games Convention. It will give everyone a first taste as to just how good a game Two Worlds has become and that is before they even see the state of the art graphics and in-depth story line.”