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主頁 • 公關資訊 • „Two Worlds“: Reality Strikes! •
„Two Worlds“: Reality Strikes!
+++ New Xbox 360 screen shots show off a dark and mysterious world +++
Not for the feint of heart! These brand new screen shots, from the upcoming role play gaming blockbuster, give you a glimpse of the haunting feeling you will experience as you search for your way through the fog and rain. If you survive this challenge then a small reward awaits you - the clouds will break and a stunning starry sky invites you to take a pause.
However, this is only a temporary respite as the next creature is already hunting you – a horned Minion. They fight dirty – kicking dirt into your hero’s face and doing whatever it takes to put you into an early grave. You must decide to, either, stand and fight or to seek refuge in the exotic southern part of the continent where a huge bamboo forest awaits you – choose wisely as the very fate of the world is in your hands!