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Crystal Pictures: From pros for pros
+++ TopWare Interactive publishes 3D graphic tools from Reality Pump +++

TopWare Interactive opens new markets and offers tools for professional development of 3D projects in the near future. The new brand Crystal Pictures kicks off with the tree and plant generator “TreeGen” and the 3D particle generator “ParticleGen”. Both titles allow the creation of multiple 3D objects and effects in real time. Various pro features enable the use in DTP, web design und video producing - even commercial use is possible. The software makes its’ way to the shelves at the end of the year in the form of a Personal and Professional version. “TreeGen” will be available for 99,99 or 199 Euro (129 or 259 US-Dollar). “ParticleGen” will cost 99,99 or 299 Euro (129 or 379 US-Dollar). More information can be found soon on the official homepage at
Managing Director James Seaman: “Our new software is the result of many years of experience by the Reality Pump development team. All of the knowledge and passion from games like “Earth 2160” and “Two Worlds” have helped foster these new titles. ‘TreeGen’ and ‘ParticleGen’ will simplify daily work flows for every professional and offer totally new possibilities in 3D graphics.”