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"Two Worlds" whets the blades!
+++ Murderously interactive trap systems will have your nerves on edge +++
For all you heroes who don't feel the urge to get into a sword-thrusting, axe-wielding hand-to-hand with slime-slavering monsters, there are standard alternatives for dealing death at a distance, like magic spells and bow and arrow - and much-enhanced versions of these are of course also available in “Two Worlds”. BUT - the developers have added yet another hugely effective type of weapon - Traps!
When you hear that word, do monstrous bear traps with cruel steely jaws come to mind? Well, you're right to a certain extent - but let’s face it - "Two Worlds" wouldn't be “Two Worlds” if it just had simple, run-of-the-mill bear traps, would it now? How about razor-sharp, rotating blades, spears that shoot out of the ground and iron hammers that open up lightning-fast? If the player's training level permits, these cleverly-constructed instruments of death can be set up in various locations. Then it’s a case of waiting until the trap is sprung - or how about luring the enemy to his death? Want a closer look? Click here...