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"Two Worlds" for Hunters and Collectors
+++ Collector`s Edition with sword letter opener and a huge map +++
TopWare Interactive has once again pushed the Collector`s Edition envelope with a great new offer! The tri-lingual Collector`s Edition (English, French and German) of "Two Worlds" will be put on the European market at 64.99 Euro at the same time as the basic version - and in addition to the game itself, this surprise package has lots of extra goodies – and we do mean lots! First of all, there`s a miniature metal version of the fabulous "Kilgorin" sword that appears in the game - it`s 27.6 cm long and quite simply a work of art for an letter opener! Then there`s a T-shirt and a card game (55 sheets), both with the exclusive "Two Worlds" design - but that`s not all! The magic box also contains a double-sided poster in A2 format with a beautifully-worked map and some truly dazzling artwork!
Enough, you say? Uh-uh! TopWare has also included the "Making of" DVD in the package - with an Maxi CD – and this isn`t just any old soundtrack – it`s a succession of atmospheric masterpieces from the master himself, Harold Faltermeyer! You also get really comprehensive background info on the game - plus video and photo material on how "Two Worlds" was created. Value for money, you say? We invented it! Enjoy! Pre-orders are already possible here.