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主頁 • 公關資訊 • Christmas comes early for "Two Worlds" •
Christmas comes early for "Two Worlds"
+++ New screenshots and game info already on the official Internet site +++

A real flood of pictures and information awaits you at the site during the Christmas vacation period. From today, you can view four new screen shots, one panorama shot and get inside information from the new Encyclopaedia sections on monsters, geography and races. Take its monsters, for example – on the Internet site you can now learn about the winged demons and the hunting spiders that spit poison, a truly horrific headless monster called Tulok and many, many more - they're all there in ghastly detail for you! Specific creatures are climate-dependent (meaning you won't come across a desert creature on a glacier)... and Antaloor has a wide range of climates on offer!
You can explore them all in "Two Worlds" - from deserts to glaciers, from vast steppes to "peaceful" birch forests - and while you explore, you'll come across fascinatingly diverse races, like Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Serpents, Elves and Groms – they all have colorful histories and their own stories to tell - and when you start playing the game, each of these races has its own role to play – a role which varies in importance for that stage of the game – but in “Two Worlds”, nothing is predictable…