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主頁 • 公關資訊 • Management changes at ZUXXEZ •
Management changes at ZUXXEZ

Alexandra Constandache, formally the head of development at ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG, has been appointed as new CEO of the South German Games Production Company. Miss Constandache began her career as Director of Technical Support at TopWare Interactive AG, which is known as publisher of numerous award-winning titles like the Earth 2150 series, Septerra Core, Odium and Jagged Alliance 2 in Europe.

As part of a re-shuffle in the line up of this small, but productive team the position of Development Director goes to Uwe Schaefer, previously Senior producer at ZUXXEZ.

Vice President of Business Development is now Dirk P. Hassinger, who also retains his seat on the board of directors and whose next priority is to be jetting around the world in negotiations to perfect and finalize details of their new marketing strategy.

Details remain a company secret at the moment, but ZUXXEZ is convinced that the changes they are making and the tactics they want to implement will prove to be the right move. The intricacies of their PR and marketing plans will hopefully be released within the next few weeks.

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