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主頁 • 公關資訊 • “Dream Pinball 3D” is coming to Nintendo •
“Dream Pinball 3D” is coming to Nintendo
+++ Cutting edge pinball videogame to make European debut on Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ +++

“Dream Pinball 3D” will be a cutting-edge pinball simulation for Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ making the best use of available technologies to elevate pinball simulations to the next level. Featuring six distinctive tables, “Dream Pinball 3D” draws on the latest hardware features to provide visuals that easily surpass previous pinball titles. The tables themselves feature a wide range of designs and themes, each one complete with multiple areas, secrets, an array of special effects and spectacular three-way multiball.
“Dream Pinball 3D” also excels in the gameplay stakes, with real-world physics determining the game’s ball dynamics. In a unique spin, balls can be made from six different materials including marble, oak, ivory and gold - each with their own distinct ballistic properties. With a multiplayer mode allowing up to four players to compete for points, “Dream Pinball 3D” is set to become the definitive pinball simulation when released in Europe for Wii and Nintendo DS at the end of April 2008.
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