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主頁 • 公關資訊 • "X-Blades": Corridor of Power now revealed •
"X-Blades": Corridor of Power now revealed
+++ First information about the interface of the action spectacular now available +++

You all know that Ayumi, that charismatic heroine in the Anime spectacular "X-Blades", has lots of real cool moves and combat techniques - but you can only reap the full benefit of all these skills if you can call them up fast and accurately with your mouse or controller. That's why the developers invested a lot of time and effort in developing an interface that's straightforward and good to look at too - the attached screenshot will give you an idea of what to expect and here’s a summary of the elements for you:
Upper left - life energy and magical skills default values. Lower left - current spells, in an amulet. Right - combat displays. Screen top - currently collected experience points. Lower right - another Life bar that tells you at a glance how your opponent's health is. Screen center - graphic portrayal of especially successful attack combos. Here you can see your score, including multiplicators and commentary, plus optical extra - small bolts of lightning in the glass tube accompany the special combinations.