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主頁 • 公關資訊 • "X-Blades" - 10,000 US Dollars for good artists! •
"X-Blades" - 10,000 US Dollars for good artists!
+++ The best designs will be published in the exclusive Game Artbook +++
"X-Blades", the Anime Action Spectacular, really electrifies fans of Far Eastern artwork! At the beginning of the year, an artwork contest for the multi-platform game was hosted by the game's publishers, TopWare Interactive Inc. The central theme of the contest was the heroine Ayumi - and the feedback was so positive that TopWare just had to launch another contest for you artists out there! All Ayumi illustrations received by 31st July will be judged by a jury of specialists - and the winner will receive 3,000 US Dollars, the second best picture will receive $2,000 and even the third-placed artist will get 1,000 dollars pocket money! PLUS, 20 game packages valued at 200 dollars each are also up for grabs!
The most creative illustrators among you will also get their share of fame... because the Royal Edition of "X-Blades" is equipped with a high-grade artbook – and your best entries will be added to the top-quality illustrations already in there – at 100 dollars additionally per illustration! If you want to learn more about the contest and its conditions of participation just look here.