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主頁 • 公關資訊 • A luxurious outdoor feeling! •
A luxurious outdoor feeling!
+++ Experience the most realistic Antaloor of all time +++
Worlds like “the “Two Worlds” universe of Antaloor depend on a really realistic atmosphere that players can truly soak up! Depending on the region, various different light and atmospheric effects must give the player a realistic impression of warmth, cold and impending danger. Dark cave entrances, complex swamp areas or action-packed battles only seem realistic if the right stylistic devices are put to good use. One good example of this is a brand-new image from the latest stage of development. The many graphic technical features implemented into the new engine, like fog and light effects, already look great - and believe me, all your senses will come alive on the banks of a certain small stream in the early morning!
The further development of trees, plants and flowers is also very apparent. The trees really seem to be 'organic' and the ground vegetation is so detailed and dense that you might even reach back from your computer stool and touch a dank creeper! Water imagery is also an important factor in the world of realism - we ran a story about Reality Pump's impressive further developments in realistic water effects in one of the earlier issues of the AP. From waves to reflections and transparency, every detail - and it's all there.