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主頁 • 公關資訊 • "Two Worlds - The Temptation": Festive Screens! •
"Two Worlds - The Temptation": Festive Screens!
+++ Seven new screenies with impressive landscapes revealed +++
The Reality Pump developer team has given a great Christmas gift to all RPG fans – landscape pictures from the role-playing world of Antaloor! The fantastic screenshots provide an imposing insight into the unbelievably realistic world in which the new adventure of “Two Worlds – The Temptation” will take place.
With impressive lighting effects and convincingly real environments and weather conditions, this RPG will surely be one of the best displays of graphical wonders ever to burst on to the market! Those hard-working developers have also given us great gameplay elements as well! The story, AI and character development are only a few of the items that will cause a furore in the coming weeks! You'll find the new screens at . this link