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主頁 • 公關資訊 • Small Talk - with Mirek •
Small Talk - with Mirek
+++ The CEO of Reality Pump tells the inside story +++
Sometimes small talk with a game developer can bring some interesting new info to light! We were able to get Mirek, Head of Reality Pump, to actually sit down with us again for a few minutes - and here's the gist of what he told us. The first keyword he used that made our ears perk up was "Cave City" - and we wanted to know more! He wouldn't let us in on too much... but he DID hint that an entire city will be located in a huge cave near the coast!
The cave has a sea entrance which can be reached by swimming out from the coast... and a landbound entrance, which is a secret passage alongside an underground river. It doesn't matter which route you choose, your hero's still gonna get his hair wet! And this takes us directly to the next item from Mirek's Infobox.
The programmers are busy working on special Shader models for hair. Besides the individual reflections of particular hairstyles, the realistic physical movement of pigtails, beards, etc. is high on the list of detail perfection. This has already happened with weapons and armor, so now the team can get down to creating various different looks. According to Mirek, five special chainmail sets of armor have been finished - they'll be reserved for rewards during special missions.