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Entrepreneurial heroes wanted!
+++ Antaloorian market economy à la RP turns player into CEO +++
Show me a RPG player who's never been annoyed at having to pay high prices for a weapon or other item at an expensive merchant's place - I'll bet you can't! And even if you're a member of the local Guild, your money soon disappears if you're putting together a strong suit of armor! So how about players setting up their own little production sites, huh? Like the idea? OK, in that case, I can highly recommend the new gameplay feature in "The Temptation" - currently being implemented by Reality Pump!
The player can buy a small workshop where he can then hire, fire and of course pay employees of his own! As a reward for his efforts, he can sell or use a new product every day. Just what you produce depends either on the type of workshop you have or on the skills of the people you hire. The hero doesn't have to sit around at his office table counting figures the whole day, of course - he has a workshop manager for that; BUT he should keep an eye on this guy - because he's not always the brightest bean in the sack... and the other employees are of course normal people - pay them poorly, they won't produce much for you, and your reputation will suffer... but if you pay them a bonus, effectiveness will rise and the company will become more attractive for prospective buyers.