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主頁 • 公關資訊 • KnightShift Website renewed! •
KnightShift Website renewed!

After a lot of refinements to their future top title KnightShift, ZUXXEZ have altered their official website to follow suit.

Together with Reality Pump Studios they have increased their emphasis on the RPG mode of the game and it is now mirrored in the new Web presentation giving a better idea of the look and feel of what is becoming an RPG "top-heavy" game.
Not only including info on the massively extended role playing aspect, the website offers all new sound tracks, new screenshots with the improved graphics, also enhancing the RTS game, and takes a closer look at the characters themselves with their equipment and structures.

Is this really the same game they have been plugging for the last six months?
The changes show such a re-think that I wonder if it will be recognized for what it once was.
Can you answer the question?

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