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主頁 • 公關資訊 • Chicken Shoot DEMO now Available! •
Chicken Shoot DEMO now Available!

Power to the poultry!

Zuxxez Entertainment AG is proud to announce the PC demo release for it's casual gaming phenomena Chicken Shoot.

Four months after ZUXXEZ released their free ware version of the new arcade game Chicken Shoot and after the company has been bombarded with phone calls, e-mails and hundreds of letters and faxes the demo is ready for download.

Featuring one great level of this excellent shooting orgy, players find themselves in the Nevada Desert portrayed in a wonderful hand drawn backdrop and with no end of gags and hilarious chickens. This is only a small taste of what is to come when the very promising full version is released very soon and this small taste is quite a mouthful.

So put your thinking caps away and get ready to blow some animated chickens into oblivion!

In addition to the chicken carnage, there are a plethora of things to collect. Each providing much needed bonus points to set you apart from your other chicken hunting brethren. And take heed, as your skill increases so does the intensity of each levels completion.

For the free download check and allow yourselves hours of highly addictive fun and laughs over the Easter break.

Chicken Shoot full version features:

  • Over 12,000 hand-drawn chicken animations
  • 2 exciting single player modes: Classic and Arcade
  • 3 different weapons with various shooting range so you can bag your chicken in style
  • Internet-gaming option for up to 4 players with Online Highscores.
  • DirectPlay Support for network sessions over TCP/ IP
  • 5 various levels and 1 additional bonus level
  • Tricky quests and numerous gimmicks
  • Game- in-game included

System requirements:


  • Pentium™ 300 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM
  • DirectX™ 8.1 or higher
  • DirectX™ compatible graphics card with 4 MB of RAM
  • CD-Rom drive
  • DirectX™ compatible 16 bit Soundcard
  • Windows® compatible mouse
  • Windows® compatible keyboard

Please forward all game and press related question to:

US Press contact:
Press contact: