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ZUXXEZ breaks the language barrier

Today is Thursday 17th of April and most of Europe will be having a three to four day break. Why? To play ChickenShoot of course!

While it is not difficult to understand the clucks, squawks, and screams of poultry being blown out of the sky, one or two do have problems understanding the finer aspects of Chicken Shoot. ZUXXEZ has the answer online now! Twelve languages packs are available for download including Czech, English, German, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Russian.

This is probably enough to keep half of the world laughing and shooting over the next few days and when the ZUXXEZ team gets back to work on Tuesday they will take care of the other half. After Easter, fifteen more ways to play this hilarious arcade shooter: Romanian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese simplified, Chinese (traditional), Hebrew, Norwegian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Have you tried to play it in English and understand nothing? Then the solution to your problem starts at

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