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主頁 • 公關資訊 • Virtual Programming, Zuxxez Entertainment and Reality Pump Studios Strike a Deal •
Virtual Programming, Zuxxez Entertainment and Reality Pump Studios Strike a Deal
To Bring KnightShift to the Mac.

Milton Keynes, UK. August 15, 2003 Virtual Programming announces today that it will be bringing KnightShift, a unique and mystical RTS/RPG hybrid to the Mac market.

KnightShift offers the best of conventional RPG and RTS games combined into a mystic world, full of fantasy and imagination. The player takes control over heroes, real or magical characters, and leads them to victory and honour.
Set in a living, fully three dimensional gaming environment, KnightShift will bewitch your Mac with breathtaking graphics and effects. The graphics engine provides visuals, as yet, not seen before in a game. The unique combination of RTS and RPG elements in the single player campaigns, the hardcore gamer dedicated RPG mode for single and multiplayer matches and the unique humour of KnightShift brings real innovation into today's gaming world.

"Virtual Programming is pleased to be working with Zuxxez on this title," says Paul Lesurf, Director for Virtual Programming. "KnightShift is a fantastic combination of RTS and RPG set in a visually stunning game world. We are looking forward to its release on the Mac platform."

"KnightShift will be a real blockbuster on the Windows platform" says Alexandra Constandache, CEO of ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG, "and we are confident that Virtual Programming will provide all Mac users with a great port for this title."

Mirek Dymek, Project Leader at Reality Pump Studios, comments "during the code assessment we had already recognized the great knowledge of our partner VP in porting advanced codes to the Mac platform - Everyone can expect the best graphics seen in a Mac games title, yet."

In a distant land, long, long ago there once lived a prince. He was righteous and just, noble and honourable by nature and above all evil. Dark and treacherous powers joined together to spread evil over the land and to banish the prince from the principality and the thoughts of the people.
Then, after an unsuccessful spell from the despicable lords, the prince was banished to another dimension. But not from the memory and hearts of the people.
Some years later, through the opening of a portal between dimensions by a good hearted magician, the prince was able to return to his principality.
The task then was to drive out the evil lords from power and to allow peace and order to return.

A bitter fight against the powers of evil is now imminent.....

About ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG
ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG established mid 2000, Southern Germany, specialise in producing games for major publishers of video games for the PC and consoles. In spring 2001 ZUXXEZ acquired the games division of the former TopWare Interactive AG, as well as its award-winning development team Reality Pump - known worldwide for products like Earth 2150, The Moon Project, HeliHeroes and World War III.
Our product line includes a wide range of top titles, from RTS to RPG and Adventure games, pleasing to both hardcore gamers and enthusiastic beginners.

About Reality Pump
Reality Pump Studios was established 1995 in Krakow, Poland - formerly known as the development group of TopWare Interactive. RP´s last Projects were "World War III: Black Gold" (JoWood), HeliHeroes (Zuxxez) and the Earth 2150 Series (TopWare/Mattel Interactive).

About Virtual Programming
Virtual Programming, Ltd. are developers and publishers of entertainment software for the Apple Macintosh computer system. Established in 2001 in the UK, the company's goal is to produce high-quality and exciting products in partnership with the industry's leading organizations.