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主頁 • 公關資訊 • TopWare launches new official site! •
TopWare launches new official site!

With the release of the all new, non-Flash based, official TopWare website,, the game publisher/developer known for the Two Worlds franchise and other hit titles is making strides in the right direction. Including a complete cosmetic makeover, the new site also boasts available patches for TopWare’s titles, as well as trailers and game updates.

If you fear change, don’t stress. TopWare has kept features like the official TopWare Interactive storeas well as the news feed, now updated consistently from the desk of the Director of Public Relations for TopWare Interactive, Vincent Harding.

“This is only the beginning. TopWare is making advancements literally on a daily basis to approach and seize the ever-changing industry of video games and most importantly, adhere to the fans. Just wait and see for yourself, the gaming community is in for a big surprise from TopWare Interactive and our working developers in the very near future. Honestly, our upcoming titles will speak for themselves”, states PR Director Vincent Harding.

With the four titles presented recently at E3 and the amazing feedback regarding them, it’s no problem envisioning TopWare’s growth as a reality.