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Knightshift Update for free

Quite punctually for the festive season, ZUXXEZ and the development team
Reality Pump release a freeware online update to their hit title
KnightShift. "We are offering the fans some really exciting new material"
Says Alexandra Constandache. Gamers can now not only save multiplayer
sessions, but also join in a current and running multiplayer game. This
revolutionary extension of the multiplayer mode originates out of the
development of Earth 2160, the next project from Reality Pump.
Also on offer is a package of four new exciting maps for RPG and Skirmish,
which improve the depth of gameplay and gives more room in a session for
This update is available in English, Russian, Polish and Czech .

New features:
- It is now possible to join currently running RPG sessions
- Each character of a player in an RPG game has his own magic chest located
near his or her starting point. This chest can be used to store their
equipment. Chests with equipment can be transported from one game to
- Password protected channels have been added to the EarthNet
- Player's character symbol has a different color on the mini map. It is now
a yellow circle with a cross.
- More information is available about running games.
- Characters created by the "Mirror spell" have a blue sparkling perimeter.
This shows which one is a real character and which is a mirror. This
perimeter is not visible to other players.
- Potions are deactivated in the editor to avoid cheating.
- All console functions have been disabled to avoid cheating.
- It is possible to open the research window in RPG mode by shortcut.

New RPG maps:
- The Great Wall (8 Players)
- Galapagos (8 Players)
- Labyrinth (8 Players)
- Hillborough (4 Players)

Rebalancing in RPG mode:
- Hunter is much stronger and faster.
- Spearman is stronger
- Barbarian is weaker in higher levels
- Knight is weaker in higher levels
- Levels above level 50 require much more experience than before.
- Spells are restricted to experience levels. It is not possible for
low-level characters to learn advanced spells.
- Freeze spells does not work on player characters
- Ghost spell is less powerful and does not last as long as it did in the
previous version.
- Freeze area spell does not last as long as it did earlier.
- All traps are more powerful and weigh less.
- Knight commanding skill works on other allied players
- Magical character's inventory capacity expands with their magic power (as
with non magical characters).
- Maximum protection with sets of equipment is reduced to 95 percent.

Fixed bugs:
- Items can not be duplicated by disconnect from the game.
- Ignore now works if someone is chatting from the Game to Lobby and from
the Lobby to Game.
- Fixed messages in EarthNet while entering games and channels.

- With version 1.109 all RPG characters are returned to level 0. All the
equipment and gold from those characters will be automaticly stored in their
magic chests.
- After running the new 1.109 version once, older versions will not be able
to read character data (it cannot be read by version 1.01 and 1.00).

Download available at