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主頁 • 公關資訊 • TopWare Interactive to support WWF Germany •
TopWare Interactive to support WWF Germany
Videogame publisher donates to charity with exciting new offer
TopWare Interactive to raise money for the World Wide Fund for Nature in Germany with a special auction on The site allows companies to offer download packages for a flat price, with 10% of revenue given to charity. TopWare is taking part in a short term download package, with the auction beginning tomorrow, proceeds to benefit the WWF.

The package will contain a wide assortment of TopWare products. Gamers pay whatever price they think is fair, starting at $1. Once a certain amount of money has been raised, a bonus title will unlock. Two titles that will be in the initial package are the well-known "Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire" and the award winning "Earth Series". The TopWare package will be available from today until April 19th.

Alexandra Constandache CEO at TopWare Interactive: "We have taken part in packages like this before and had quite a bit of success with them. This time we decided to start our own, and raise money for the WWF. All of us here at TopWare are aware of the important work they do, and we are happy to support them with this charity event."


Learn more about the charity auction on