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主頁 • 公關資訊 • TopWare Interactive releases Iron Sky: Invasion on iOS •
TopWare Interactive releases Iron Sky: Invasion on iOS
Spacebattles can now be fought on the road
TopWare Interactive, alongside Reality Pump Studios announced today the release of its space combat simulator "Iron Sky: Invasion" for the iPhone and iPad. The game is available in the App Store for 2,99$ as special offer till July 1st 2013. In addition to the full game, the free LITE-version will give players a first glimpse into the deep space dogfighting world of Iron Sky: Invasion.

Following the plotline of the film "Iron Sky", "Iron Sky: Invasion" tells the story of the desperate battle between the vile Nazis from the dark side of the moon and the valiant warriors of earth. Stuck in the middle of this intergalactic conflict is our hero, rallying earth's pilots in a heroic last stand against the evil Admiral Kreutz and his moon-Nazis. "Iron Sky: Invasion" offers breathtaking dogfighting action, allowing players to choose their play style, taking to the skies as a lone wolf behind enemy lines, or falling into formation with the biggest space armada earth has to offer. The fighting is frantic and fierce, leaving no time for breathers, and no room for error until the final blow is struck against the evil empire.

"Iron Sky: Invasion" allows the player to maintain absolute control of their ships by utilizing not only the virtual joystick, but the movement control features of their mobile devices as well. Complete customization of the interface and a thrilling soundtrack complete this unique gaming experience. With over 15 Missions, original space fighters from the film, and a strategic energy management and economic system, "Iron Sky: Invasion" is sure to please dogfight aficionados and space sim junkies alike.

In addition to the mobile device version, TopWare has released an Update for the Mac App Store Game "Iron Sky: Invasion" as well. The update brings exciting new features to the experience, from new virtual effects, to awesome explosions and a more realistic looking space setting.

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