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主頁 • 公關資訊 • Updates for "Earth 2150:The Moon Project" and "Lost Souls" released •
Updates for "Earth 2150:The Moon Project" and "Lost Souls" released

Updates for "Earth 2150:The Moon Project" and "Lost Souls" released

During the development of the long expected sequel to the Earth 21xx series, "Earth 2160" Zuxxez is releasing two updates for "The Moon Project" (released 1999) and "Lost Souls" (released 2001).

The update files contain a total rebalancing and an expansion of all the SP and MP features of the two game titles and enables MP matches between the two client versions.

"The guys at Playerliga -, F.O.C. and lots of other fans have done a really great job on developing these updates to our titles,“ says Alexandra Constandache, CEO of Zuxxez. "And with regard to the upcoming release of Earth 2160 it makes a lot of sense to keep the community of 100.000+ online gamers alive with such an addictive update" Alexandra points out and finalizes "The community created this idea, what more can I say …". The strategy of delivering SDKs to Player Leagues and dedicated fans of a game title definitely pays off.

Of course Zuxxez and Reality Pump Studios will follow up this open strategy with future projects like "Earth 2160" and "Rabid Dogs²" and current projects like "KnightShift" and "The I of The Dragon". "We really like to take care of the needs of the players, and give them any support possible." Dirk P. Hassinger, VP Business Dev. at Zuxxez points out, "We have had this idea for a long time, and finally, it will pay out much more than anything else."

You can find all Mirrors of the the updates here: