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主頁 • 公關資訊 • Earth 2160 covers Europe under the Deep Silver Label •
Earth 2160 covers Europe under the Deep Silver Label

Planegg/Worms, Germany, May 4th 2004 – KOCH Media and ZUXXEZ release details of their newest synergy: The new title in the highly successful science-fiction strategy series Earth 2150, developed by Reality Pump Studios will appear under the KOCH Media games label Deep Silver. Within the framework of an European deal, KOCH Media has acquired the exclusive European rights for this PC game title, which is to appear in Q4 2004

To quote Klemens Kundratitz, managing director of KOCH Media at the finalization of contracts with Zuxxez "Earth 2160 already looks breathtaking. This blockbuster completely fulfills the demands of our target group, who have the highest demands on quality and game play in a PC title. We are convinced that together with Zuxxez and Reality Pump we will achieve, and set a new standard in the RTS games genre.”

“KOCH Media has the best sales network in Europe and is therefore, our first choice in partners for the home market.” Says Alexandra Constandache CEO of ZUXXEZ Entertainment Inc., and goes on to say: “Not only will Earth 2160 surprise with a new milestone in the genre, but also with a unique marketing campaign."

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Portrait Klemens Kundratitz, Geschäftsführer der Koch Media Deutschland GmbH
Portrait Alexandra Constandache, Vorstandsvorsitzende der ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG
Earth 2160 Logo im Adobe Photoshop Format (Zip-Archiv)