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主頁 • 公關資訊 • Earth 2160 with biochemical engine features •
Earth 2160 with biochemical engine features

To achieve a new realistic gaming experience, Reality Pump has equipped the new Earth-4 engine not only with a physics algorithm, but also with a BioChem engine.
This innovation allows the visualization of liquids, gases and light in a quality as yet unseen in a PC game. For each planet or area there are numerous liquid pools, which could range from seawater of any hue to lakes of shimmering mercury or boiling gold. BioChem can make everything on surface and reflected lighting possible with a plethora of parameters: reflected colour, density, flood direction and speed, wind direction and speed, surface foam, surface reflection intensity, coloured liquid lighting, specular lighting and reflection transparency and angles to name but a few.
The only limit is the player’s fantasy!
Please see the screenshots 14-17 listed below for a small example of its potential.

Screenshot download links:

Product information:

Title: Earth 2160
Platform: PC
Genre: Real Time Strategy
Producer: ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG
Developer: Reality Pump Studios
Publisher: Europe - Koch Media / Deep Silver
Russia - Akella Corporation
USA/Asia - tba.
Release: Q4/2004