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主頁 • 公關資訊 • Earth 2160 at Games Convention 2004 •
Earth 2160 at Games Convention 2004

Jump in Time to the Year 2160

Zuxxez is inviting visitors to the Games Convention in Leipzig to an extraordinary experience on board a spaceship.

As in the previous year, Zuxxez are presenting their current top titles at the Games Convention in Leipzig: KnightShift 2 - Curse of Souls and the space strategy game Earth 2160. Zuxxez will be luring GC visitors with something that has not yet been seen in Leipzig. Waiting in the west entrance of the exhibition hall there will be spaceship, especially for fans of science fiction and cinema.

Fasten Your Safety Belts and Lift Off!

An original highlight to the show, a ten-meter eye-catcher depicting a personnel transporter of The Eurasian Dynasty, one of the four contending fractions in Earth 2160. Four meters high, over 10 meters long and with a wingspan of almost eight meters, she cannot fail to attract the eye and a lot of attention. In the voluminous belly of the ship there is room for 13 people for whom there is something special on offer. The innards of the ship present the eager visitor with an irritatingly realistic flight into space, with brilliant effects and surprising sequences in the film. Served up with unexpected live action to increase the thrill of a flight through the cosmos.

About the Earth Series.

A devastating nuclear war in the years 2140 to 2150 had catastrophic consequences. According to scientific calculations, the distance between the Earth and the sun decreased by a dramatic 17%, which would mean that the Earth and the moon were faced with their impending and total destruction. The decimated human population formed itself into three groups, as depicted in the campaigns of the game Earth 2150: The Eurasian Dynasty, The United Civilized States and The Lunar Corporation. Each of the three groups struggled to gather the last remaining resources from Mother Earth and built huge fleets of spaceships to escape in. In the last remaining hours of the year 2150 the Earth was finally destroyed. The story of 2160 begins on the surface of the newly terra-formed Mars. The new arrivals quickly realized that they were not alone on the red planet, as their arrival had prematurely awakened an alien race from their suspended animation, to ensure a new conflict potential.

Zuxxez AG at the Games Convention 2004 in Leipzig,
19.08. To 22.08.
Consumer-area: Hall 3, Stand C12
Business-Center: Hall 2, Conference Room D24

ED-Personnel Transporter with THX-Cinecube: in the middle of the glass hall

Resources: white paper Earth 2160 spaceship