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主頁 • 公關資訊 • New release date for the space strategy epic Earth 2160: Second quarter 2005 •
New release date for the space strategy epic Earth 2160: Second quarter 2005

This is news with an added request for patience: Zuxxez Entertainment’s high graphics demands for their new baby Earth 2160 is to have an effect on the planned release date. The small team in Worms, Germany estimate that the game will first be released in the second quarter of 2005.

Many of you have already had a sneak preview of Earth and have seen various screen shots and the excellent trailer. The graphics quality is a real eye opener, but the sheer mass of highly detailed 3D objects needs more time than was originally anticipated to bring the fans the quality they expect. “ Although the team has been expanded the high resolution textures, light and bump maps have simply cost so much more time than we had thought” says Alexandra Constandache, CEO of Zuxxez AG. “Now the writers and programmers can profit from the extra time by optimising the game play, balancing, and tweaking even more out of the Earth4 engine.” Zuxxez has decided it will not offer the fan community and the growing Earth market a premature compromise. Mr. Mirek Dymek, the project leader of Earth 2160 crossed his arms obstinately and said "The game is done, when it’s done and there is no way that we are going to follow the annoying trend of releasing an unfinished game on our public.”

All interested gamers can discover more about the 2160 under, see the trailer, first presented at the Games Convention in Leipzig this year, and a great many impressive screen shots. In the months from July to September Zuxxez counted more than 450,000 page impressions per month, climbing to 8 million and then to an amazing 10 million visits to the website from strategy and Earth fans world wide in October and November.

About the game in short
Earth 2160 takes place on 12 alien planets. In the fourth part of this space strategy four rivalling factions are fighting for power and their very existence. All of the true Earth fans are already acquainted with the Eurasian Dynasty, Lunar Corporation and the United Civilized States. Now, an unknown alien race mixes itself into the fracas. Also new are the “virtual agents, paid mercenaries lending their help to those in need, depending of course on the price and their own personal likes and dislikes. Talk about the excellent graphics, the huge editor and the vast variety in real-time strategy is already doing the rounds.