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主頁 • 公關資訊 • "Earth 2160": Huge impact on UK market •
"Earth 2160": Huge impact on UK market
ZUXXEZ Game comes straight in at number 12 in the ELSPA charts
ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG has expanded the international success of the RTS-Game "Earth 2160" with a bang. The title went on sale on the UK market on September 2nd and leapt to number 12 in the official ELSPA Charts only two days later. This is this week's 2nd best new entry after "Dungeon Siege II".

CEO Alexandra Constandache: "This good performance in the UK Charts confirms our ambitious plans for 'Earth 2160' and we expect that the game will achieve even more in the next few weeks." Another clue to the game's growing popularity is the huge number of people accessing the official game site at The company registered over one million hits per day at the beginning of September.