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主頁 • 公關資訊 • "Earth 2160" populates new nations •
"Earth 2160" populates new nations
ZUXXEZ publishes the critically acclaimed RTS Game in Southern Europe and closes major US publishing deal with Midway

ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG has once again conquered new markets for its’ top selling PC RTS title, Earth 2160. After successful releases in the German-speaking countries, Poland, and the UK, where the title already has leapt to number 4 in the official ELSPA Charts, Earth 2160 will shortly arrive in Southern Europe. Consumers can now buy the localized version of Earth 2160 in France and Spain - with the territory of Italy following shortly in the next few weeks. Additionally, Zuxxez has signed a major publishing deal with Midway that will bring Earth 2160 to the United States in November.

CEO Alexandra Constandache: "After the great sales performances of the previous versions and the very positive feedback we have received from Southern Europe, we fully expect to continue down the road to Earth 2160 being a smash hit. We also have great expectations for our publishing partner Midway in the US as our title is being highly praised and put on the same level as the big players in the industry - with that we certainly won't be hiding from the big guns in the US!"