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Welcome to the brand new ZUXXEZ Website.
Designed to be more informative than ever, offering our readers a faster, better overview of our products whether they are completed projects or new ones in the making. We also want to offer our readers, partners, and gamers the most up to date and objective reports on games tested externally and giving unbiased opinions and first impressions on the work done here in Worms, Germany and friends and partners the world over.

This year is already three months old and is already proving to be a very busy year for everyone involved in gaming projects around the world. I read in the stars on New Years Eve that the games market and industry will experience a boost around the time that KnightShift comes to the shops. Progress with our project has just taken a leap forward into its puberty and is growing with each new recording built into the program. Of course, puberty, as all parents know is a trying time calling for a lot of patience and understanding. As parents of this game they have our full sympathy.
Good news or bad? The possible answers to this question are not correct or incorrect and will remain a thing of pure opinion. We now proudly announce that KnightShift will take a little longer before it comes on the market. After a lot of scrutiny and criticism by our good selves, we have started to change a lot of details in the game ranging from character graphics to massively improved gameplay and the accompanying musical score. One very important aspect of the game is getting more: More what? You may well ask. More detail, more attention, more gaming fun. For the player the result is more RPG. This whole part of the game is being expanded to its extremes, improved and enhanced adding percent pure to this already great game.
In the meantime, recordings for the English and German versions of KnightShift are progressing at a good steady speed and the results are great, giving more weight to the second part of our name ZUXXEZ Entertainment.

Chicken Shoot has had its second taste of the big wide world. Over the festive season a special Christmas edition was placed as freeware on the net and we counted an over 1.000.000 downloads in the first few days. It is still available for download on The full version of this arcade game will offer a lot of laughs for fans of shooters and brilliant cartoon style backdrops. Full of gimmicks and jokes it is also expected to win over a lot of gamers from other genres. We are proud to say that we are part of an unbeatable team together with Toontraxx who realised the graphics for the hit title Jack Orlando.

Company News. Some very wise person once said that life is a series of changes. If these changes are positive or not, depends very much on how the consequences are dealt with. Because as everyone should know changes generate more changes and the far-reaching effects of one small change, sometime in the past has its influence on today. So that is enough of the philosophical crap. Here is the news. I, and all my colleagues here in Worms, Germany were very happy to learn that one of the driving forces behind our efforts, Miss Alexandra Constandache has been appointed as the new CEO of our humble enterprise. A big change! We all congratulate Alex on her new position and will support her in this monumental task.