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主頁 • 公關資訊 • ZUXXEZ NETNEWS •

Since the release of a Christmas demo of the new arcade shooter ChickenShoot and an article in the German press from “Computer Bild Spiele” the phone lines at ZUXXEZ Entertainment have been red hot until late in the evening from fans anxious to get more info on a release date for the full version.
Enquiries have arrived from all over the world from fans in all age groups; Children asking for themselves, ladies asking for their children, ladies for themselves, men asking for their wives, and so on.
All calls have been noted and added to our all-new ChickenShoot Customer Data-Bank.
To save a few people getting blisters on their fingers from dialling our number and only hearing the engaged signal we have had the idea of setting up a “POP-UP” window on our web-site
We hope to deal with more requests in this way and to minimise the telephone traffic and your costs and nerves. (And to help out Iris, our girl in the hot seat.)
The window will invite readers to type their request and send it to us. Details will come onto our data bank and as soon as there is any news, the interested parties will be among the first to be informed.

One word of assurance; Any personal info given will be used only for the purpose of informing you of any news and is not an order for the game and will not be used for any other purposes.