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This is the news from the most serious page for general news from this busy office in this small European town and all can be said in book a little bigger than the bible, but I shall stick to the points pertinent to you, our dear reader. The all new KnightShift website goes online with all the stuff we have been working on here and at Reality Pump Studios for the last two weeks.
Will you recognise it as the same game? Please send us your comments.

We mentioned recently a few changes were taking place and the consequences are stretching their little heads towards the sun much in the manner of daisies in Springtime. Alex, our new CEO has taken on her task with an energy and determination that seems to shake the building to its foundations. Nothing, no nothing is safe from her influence as she charges from one office to the other and up and down the corridor at a speed otherwise only seen on the Bonneville Salt Flats. As for the projects? Well , it's like this.
The ChickenShoot databank for interested parties awaiting news of a release date has become the success it was intended to be with hundreds of new requests every day. The total this morning was 7361 from which we have requests per e-mail, phone Fax and hundreds of hand written letters from children from all over the world. Thanks, we are keeping everything.

KnightShift is starting to enter my dreams. Day and night and at the weekend most conversations come back to this game, which is soon due for release. Roman and Yaman are starting to tear their hair out as changes come which over-rule the last set of changes, the producers Uwe and Uwe (sounds like a HighTech vacuum cleaner exchange center) are keeping their cool, god knows how, as they master and exterminate program bugs.

Bruce the dog, once again shows his appreciation of our love and attention by taking a crap on the carpet adding a few more laughs to our already highly amusing working day.
Coming soon! Photos from the recording studio of KnightShift speakers in action, or do I mean combat with the microphone and texts?

STOP PRESS!!!! Mr. Dirk Hassinger has in his promotional travels been met again and again with a lot of positive reactions to our KnightShift project, which in my opinion is the only correct reaction. To all interested parties, please take a number and queue at the door

STOP STOP PRESS!!!! Welcome, Mr. James Seamen to our team of young workaholics and nut cases!
ZUXXEZ now has an office in the USA with a very capable and new team member taking care of marketing and PR activities on the North American continent. I think that's great. I no longer have to remember to use the US spell check when I write. Jim, that is now your thing,I have enough to do with European stuff and as you are one of the locals you're in a better position to distinguish between colour and color.
All of us are very happy to welcome you to our team and wish to support you in any way we can even if that means altering the English used here to fit your linguistic standards.